Aprio Board Management Software Overview: Features, Pros and Cons

About Aprio

Aprio board portal is an easy-to-use and feature-rich software for directors. It includes tools to simplify preparation for meetings, improve board management, and strengthen the interaction between directors.

Often Aprio users are C-level executives, corporate secretaries, personal assistants, leaders in public and healthcare organizations, crown companies, credit unions. They all need online collaboration and communication tools, instant access to data, document security, and efficient board meetings. Aprio, in turn, is a reliable source of features and services to fulfill the above goals.

It is noteworthy that a significant software advantage is round-the-clock technical support. So, with the help of experts, users manage to get governance organized as quickly as possible.

What is Aprio best for?

In addition to the list of Aprio users mentioned above, see how the product is helpful for industries in particular:

Credit unions and financial institutions 

Board members in these organizations must comply with many regulations and standards. The virtual boardroom helps by increasing the efficiency of data collection for regulatory reporting, namely:

  • archives meeting minutes automatically
  • provides quick database search
  • makes accessing self-service reports easy
  • has an audit trail of major compliance activities

Healthcare organizations

Aprio protects sensitive information through encryption and secure access for healthcare boards. Thus, the provider offers:

  • three storage locations – the USA, Canada, or international
  • servers that meet independent security requirements
  • remote data wipe on stolen or lost devices
  • controlled user access rights


The meeting management software makes administration easy. Besides, board members get rid of paper, receive secure data storage, and prepare board packages faster than before. In addition, there are tools for:

  • automated agenda building and attaching links to relevant documents
  • centralized access to platform content at any time
  • control access to virtual workspaces through custom permissions

Educational and non-profit institutions

Aprio enables educational and nonprofit boards to streamline collaboration, meeting preparation, and decision making. More specifically, users can:

  • prepare effectively for a meeting with the board package right on their devices
  • make decisions collaboratively with voting and polling features
  • enhance collaboration and communication through secure messages, annotations, etc.

The main features of Aprio

Aprio board portal ensures data protection and optimizes all stages of board meetings and governance through valuable tools. In addition to all these positive impacts on team performance, users also report higher engagement, increased flexibility, and time savings.


First of all, check the provider’s data security practices. Aprio controls physical access to servers with security personnel. Moreover, hosting partners evaluate compliance with security policy, disaster recovery capabilities, network architecture by conducting third-party audits. Besides, documents belonging to each client are located in an individual repository, inaccessible to anyone, including the provider.

Administrators can manage access to the platform based on the roles and tasks of user groups, even remotely. Also, the program does not cache pages, so browsing after logging out is not available. Data backup occurs in the primary and secondary servers. Therefore, if there are failures in the primary ones, they are replaced by secondary ones.

In terms of compliance, the provider has ISO 27001, AT101 (SOC2), and Smart Seal certificates.


To improve the efficiency of communication and interaction, the provider offers:

  • live chat for contact with colleagues anytime
  • video conferencing tool that is accessible from all devices
  • easy to use polls and voting for collaborative decision making
  • notifications to keep everyone involved up to date
  • comments for discussing issues with one person or group

Board meeting tools

Aprio allows teams to make meetings paperless. For example, there are tools for building agenda to speed up its creation. Also, the user can set permissions at the level of viewing, signature, voting.

For efficient work with documents, there are note-taking tools. So, you can create them for yourself or discussions. Like everything else on the platform, annotations can be private or public. What is more, they are in sync with all devices.

When it’s time for the meeting, attendees have access to the online conference with one click. There is no need to search for meeting details, much less switch to other programs, since Aprio supports Webex, Zoom, Teams.

To keep track of post-meeting activities, the provider has a Task Manager. The tool automatically assigns tasks based on the meeting minutes, and the administrator sets priority and tracks progress through calendar management.

It is worth noting that despite many user and content management functions, Aprio’s virtual workspaces are easy to use. To a large extent, the drag & drop interface makes the work easier. 

Start of Aprio’s usage

On the official website of Aprio board management software, you can request a free demo. However, there is no information about a free trial. Perhaps you need to contact the provider and ask for the opportunity to get a superior free trial experience. In this way, you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages specifically for your organization.
As for the feedback from customers who have already started using the nonprofit board software, they talk about affordable pricing and professional technical support from Aprio experts.

Pros of Aprio

  • The product is secure, so nobody except for meeting participants can review any information without permission. 
  • The program interface is user-friendly, its main features can be accessed in seconds. 
  • The customer support team is very helpful and happy to assist. 
  • The Aprio team releases frequent updates to meet current customer needs.

Cons of Aprio

  • The folder structure is quite complex.
  • You can move items into specific folders separately only.
  • Syncing issues arise from time to time.
  • There is a slight difference between the app and the dashboard.