Boardable Board Portal Overview: Features, Pros and Cons

About Boardable software

Boardable software is a board portal that simplifies the meeting process. It’s a powerful board management platform for any company, profit or nonprofit, that leads to better meeting results. 

By offering a wide range of features, Boardable is a provider that makes company meetings more productive. Many nonprofit organizations, founders, and investors use this solution for board management. Nonprofit board benefits from enhanced communication and collaboration, as these are the key aspects in fulfilling important missions.

Boardable offers Zoom integration, allows you to share agendas, manage important documents and tasks, vote through polls, etc. 

What is Boardable best for?

Many nonprofit boards, philanthropies, school boards, and healthcare organizations choose Boardable meeting software, as it helps board leaders of an organization to get a better board meeting experience and increase productivity.

Board members, founders, and employees of an organization enjoy working with this powerful tool. They found Boardable valuable for consistently re-inventing their important work and mission.

The main features of Boardable software

The board management technology offers a variety of features for meeting optimization within the  company or an organization. It provides the following features:


Boardable offers access controls and attendee management functionality that help board leaders to track and review all activity within the portal before and after meetings. Admins can share certain files so that board directors can review important documents.


The board portal has a live chat feature as well as video conferencing. There are also polling features that help to keep board member engagement high and meeting guests motivated to stay active. These collaboration features are also very important for well-informed decision-making. 

Document management

There is a document center that keeps all needed files in one place. You can easily organize the documents, sign, review, and collaborate on them anytime.

Meeting preparation tools

All communications with investors can be handled in the meeting center, so all details about a certain meeting are in one place. You can use an agenda builder to create meeting agendas for the meetings or use templates to make this process even faster.

You can quickly send out notifications, share agendas, so the participants can prepare to discuss certain points. Also, Boardable offers calendar integrations so you can connect them for participants to know about the meeting schedule.

Task tracking

You can easily create, assign, review and log details, and manage tasks within the board portal. On the dashboard, you can see all uncompleted tasks and track the progress of projects. It improves accountability, as you see what needs to be done to achieve a certain profit or goal.

Remote access

Board members or investors can view meeting agendas or documents from anywhere on mobile devices, even offline, as there is an offline sync feature available. Also, thanks to seamless logging in, it’s much easier to switch between multiple boards.

Start of Boardable’s usage

You can start using Boardable software within your organization with a live demo or a free trial, so you can get your first hands-on experience with it before purchasing.

It helps you to identify your pros and cons, so when working with the application further you can get a superior board experience. You can invite organization employees and collect their feedback on experience using the board portal.

All important pricing information is on the website, so you can choose a plan for your nonprofit board software that fits the company budget.  

Pros of Boardable

  • The price is great, so the portal is cost-efficient.
  • It has a clean and uncluttered interface, which makes it extremely easy to use. 
  • Boardable has a knowledgeable and friendly customer support team that takes feedback very seriously.
  • There is unlimited storage space for board documents. 
  • The data protection system is absolutely secure.

Cons of Boardable

  • The beta version of the video conference software works in the Chrome browser only. 
  • Messaging feature is available only for users who purchased a Pro version. 
  • To start using Boardable, team members need some training. 
  • It’s impossible to have additional controls within the administrative role or different titles if a person serves on several boards.
  • You cannot format documents on the platform.