Diligent Boards Overview: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

About Diligent board portal

Diligent Boards is one of the leading portals on the market that provides a secure environment for running meetings and optimizing business processes and board management. Diligent offers functional software for effective leadership and document management.

This board management software supports an integrated view of governance processes, audit, risk management, security, and compliance across the company. Modern governance requires new tools and solutions as we move from a paper-based environment to a fully digital workspace.

Many board members, corporate secretaries, and executives from more than 90 countries are loyal customers of the Diligent board portal. They choose it to streamline their governance needs and make board discussions, collaboration, and file sharing more effective.

What is Diligent best for?

A Diligent board portal is a widely-known secure platform used by board members and executives at public, private, and nonprofit organizations operating in a variety of industries, from tech and finance to education and healthcare. It’s specifically designed to digitally integrate and improve corporate governance, risk, audit, and compliance functions across the company. 

Board directors choose this latest technology, as it offers excellent customer service 24/7, advanced functionality, security, and simplicity in use. The easy-to-learn Diligent software allows you to streamline your board meetings by collating and collaborating on important documents with sensitive information, meeting agendas, and minutes securely in one place.

The main features of Diligent Boards

The Diligent corporation provides products with a variety of advanced features, which are essential for effective collaboration and communication:

Security features

In the board portal, you can customize permissions and sign important documents without leaving a platform thanks to instant digital signatures. Diligent’s information management security is backed by best security practices and compliance with the global privacy standards.

Among other security features, there are data encryption, multi-factor authentication, a security protocol for all pages, and more. All sensitive content is securely stored and encrypted, minimizing the security risk. When choosing Diligent Boards, you can be sure you will be able to share confidential board meeting materials in a fast and secure way without the worry of them being leaked or shared illegally.

Board meeting collaboration tools

These include questionnaires, voting tools, which are helpful when conducting board evaluations as well as private and real-time chats. Board members can communicate via private chats, adding relevant directors, and creating group discussions for sharing further feedback after a meeting.

Thanks to advanced communication features directors and executives can securely communicate with all the members and partners much more efficiently. They can create reports, and make well-informed decisions during a big board meeting much faster, which is a valuable aspect of modern governance. 

Document management

Diligent allows its users to create and manage agendas, upload documents, make annotations, and generate minutes. Minutes feature allows you to document all important issues raised during the board meeting, so crucial details are never missed.

You can easily create and share board materials using templates and find the needed file in uploaded materials with a convenient search. You can quickly share files with a certain board member, keeping sensitive content hidden from other users, who are not working with those documents. The archives with a long-standing history of all meetings can be also created in the board portal.

Analytics and reporting tools

Diligent software offers real-time industry and company analytics, which helps you to track the board members’ work and team’s progress on different tasks and find ways to improve performance. 

Scheduling tools for board meetings

There are meeting calendar functions available in the platform to help you manage the meeting preparation and scheduling process more efficiently. These tools allow you to reduce the time spent scheduling new meetings, as you can completely automate this process.

Intuitive interface

The platform’s interface is modern with elegant aesthetics, and it doesn’t take much time to learn how to use the software even if you’re a new user and don’t have any experience using board portals. This makes the transition period for administrative staff quick and easy.

Accessibility of the board management software

Diligent is a highly-secure cloud-based software and an on-premise solution, which has an online and offline mode. This makes it perfect for leveraging access to board books, files, and calendars not only from stationary devices but from your phone or a tablet even if you don’t have access to the internet. 

Start of Diligent’s usage

To get more information about the software and how it’s used you can request a free demo on the Diligent website. There are also many free resources with corporate governance guidance available on the website to help you utilize the platform to the maximum benefit for the organization.

The Diligent corporation provides top-notch customer service and can provide regular webinar tutorials to help you and your team learn more about software functionality and how to use it effectively.

You can start working with the platform using the free trial period first to see if the software meets your requirements and expectations when it comes to dealing with important everyday tasks. 

After the trial period is up, you can select the features you need for effective work, find training if needed, and decide on the number of users that will use the platform. All of those steps are crucial as they allow you to finalize the price, find out about additional conditions depending on your industry or business, and see whether there are any discounts available.

Diligent pricing is not disclosed on the website, meaning you need to contact the company’s representative to get tailored pricing based on your needs and budget. 

Pros and cons of Diligent Boards

Many executives are pleasantly surprised after using this board portal software for some time. Based on online reviews there are hundreds of very satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences using Diligent software.

The clients of Diligent boards shared constructive feedback on this software from the user side, where the following advantages and disadvantages can be highlighted:


  • Diligent allows you to have all corporate materials stored in one secure location. You can check meeting minutes and governance documents even without an internet connection. 
  • The web interface is neat and intuitive. Hence, it doesn’t take much time to set up a meeting and find necessary features. 
  • The Diligent Boards integration is always smooth and trouble-free.


  • It’s impossible to upload different logos for different boards.
  • You can’t move items from a board meeting to the resource center.
  • Administrators are not allowed to help users change or reset their passwords.
  • You cannot load videos to watch at board meetings.