Govenda Board Software Overview: Features, Pros and Cons

About Govenda

Govenda by BoardBookit is a board portal software for medium and large organizations. BoardBookit rebranded to Govenda to highlight the focus on the corporate governance market and board meeting management improvement solutions.

Govenda’s expanded platform assists any board of directors along with their administrators, IT specialists, and general counsel across many industries. The board portal assists with building and meeting agendas, establishing a robust and growing base for optimal company performance, and improving board communications.

Why BoardBookit became Govenda?

According to the provider, the main reason behind BoardBookit’s rebranding was directing board managers’ attention to the software’s governance capabilities. Govenda offers many tools for optimizing board performance by enhancing communication and streamlining board relationship channels.

Since its foundation in 2012, BoardBookit has delivered versatile instruments to enable boards to establish new sustainable, agile board management approaches. BoardBookit’s repackaged board management offerings built a solid foundation for Govenda and allowed the provider to better market their solution to potential customers.

Recently, the rebranded company’s tremendous success led to substantial horizon extension in the board relationship management and collaboration software markets.

What is Govenda best for?

Govenda board portal software caters to similar projects and company types as the preceding Board Bookit meeting software. The platform benefits board members of nonprofit boards as well as commercial organizations in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, education, financial services, and manufacturing sectors.

Govenda by BoardBookit users can employ the software’s tools to develop forward-thinking solutions, communicate with underlying committee members, meet emerging corporate compliance needs, and facilitate secure document exchange. 

According to the recent users’ reviews, Govenda by BoardBookit is best for establishing the base for centralized board communication and coming up with informed, timely solutions in various scenarios. 

The main features of Govenda software

BoardBookit established its reputation as a board management software for strong corporate governance and accelerated board engagement. Govenda enables data collection and security that enable high-performing boards to focus on more critical aspects of their work.

Board Bookit optimizes board performance through a collection of basic and advanced features. Below are the brief overviews of Govenda’s board management software key instruments in the most vital categories. 


BoardBookit data safekeeping is based on three timely solutions: security, availability, and privacy. From maintaining electronic board books to providing information to compliance executives, all processes within the Govenda board portal and fast and protected.

Govenda employs a wide range of servers located across multiple geographies, including disaster-neutral locations. The premises undergo third-party audits according to SSAE 18 standards. 

Board directors from all organization types will benefit from the following BoardBookit security features:

  • Ultra-strict approval process control and access configuration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Three levels of administrative permissions
  • Undisclosed mechanisms of data encryption.


Govenda creates a centralized, stand-alone solution for communicating via live chat, video conferencing, messaging, and voting polls. Enhanced connection is always an indicator of lead companies in any sector as it allows driving company performance while accounting for the board liaison needed practices.

BoardBookit facilitates effective board relationship management via tools like:

  • Reporting and survey features for transparent accountability
  • Real-time discussions with built-in voting
  • Device-agnostic communication via chat.

Document management

One of the widespread board documents’ cons is the combination of volume and different levels of confidentiality. BoardBookit makes it simple to assemble multiple documents in a safe environment to simultaneously review them and gather intake from the required board members.

Fast and secure access to board portal documentation is the most optimal way to address emerging corporate compliance, adjust to business and societal changes, and collaborate on the company’s expanding vision.

Govenda’s document management instruments include:

  • Secure e-signatures on various document types
  • Multiple document templates, including industry-specific board packets
  • Expansive document storage. 

Meeting preparation tools

Administrators largely contribute to the overall board performance. BoardBookit assists them with various tools that help assemble board books, communicate current and previous focus points, and ensure board directors will attend the necessary meetings and receive the proper materials on time.

The board portal by Govenda features several useful meeting preparation tools, such as:

  • Reminders and notifications for managing agendas
  • Single sign-on for multiple boards
  • Granular permissions and announcements.

Task tracking

According to reviews, board members find Govenda’s task management capabilities particularly useful during long-term collaboration. By offering a platform for a sustainable board relationship framework, the software boosts board performance for internal and independent directors. 

Board directors can take advantage of task tracking tools like:

  • Board members’ directory with detailed profiles
  • Interactive presentation mode with file storage synchronization
  • Offline file access capabilities.

Remote access 

BoardBookit allows board members from corporate governance offices across the globe to effectively contribute at their convenience. Board portal administrators can easily assign user permissions depending on users’ location and device preferences, allowing everyone to have a consistent board portal software experience.

Govenda diligent boards’ remote access solutions include:

  • Web-based access
  • Desktop extensions for Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Start of Govenda’s usage

The main perk of starting to use the Govenda by BoardBookit for corporate governance and board management is the continuous assistance of the support team through each stage, from the initial transition period to holding the first board meetings.

Like many other corporate governance products with a customer-driven focus, BoardBookit helps users evaluate their existing board portal software and adjust the new tool to address the current weaknesses. 

BoardBookit offers new users a full-featured free trial usage period to become familiar with the platform and make an investment decision. Users can also schedule a demo with the sales team to take a closer look at the board portal with no strings attached. 

Govenda pricing follows a custom-quote cost formation model with an annual subscription price option. As an established board portal software provider, Govenda guarantees price transparency and complementary implementation. 

Pros of Govenda 

  • High-level security practices as confirmed by SSAE 18, SOC 1, and SOC 3 organizational compliance audits
  • The sales process involves tailored onboarding assistance to all new clients
  • Support calls are available 24/7, along with customer care email and in-app chatting
  • Intuitive interface with versatile functionality for corporate governance.

Cons of Govenda

  • Inability to post links to external meeting systems and web materials
  • Notes and annotations are only available for the files PDF format
  • Email tracking is not available.