iDeals Board Management Software Overview: Features, Pros and Cons

The iDeals boardroom is one of the best products in its niche available on the market. It satisfies the needs of mid- and large-scale companies that regularly organize meetings and other virtual events. 

Collaboration and management of business materials go more smoothly with an iDeals boardroom. Thanks to the features described below, this advanced platform minimizes boards’ time and effort spent organizing.

iDeals’ main benefits

The iDeals virtual boardroom is a cloud-based platform that provides an easy-to-use environment in which the board of directors and team members can manage their communications. This solution is used for multiple purposes. 

Firstly, you can automatically distribute pre-meeting materials and update the board on your schedule. As a result, administrative work requires less time and effort, so it’s possible to focus more on meeting content and participants’ needs.

Secondly, the iDeals board portal offers different collaboration tools, including a messenger and a voting system. Directors can take into consideration polls and comments to manage approval processes. There is also an annotation option available. Additionally, executives can sign important documents with an electronic signature

The portal has excellent security features, such as 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication for better data safety. With the latter, you can log into the system only after receiving a single-use SMS code on your mobile phone. Administrators can manage users’ permissions to access the project and configure security policies for password strength and session duration

Using the iDeals board portal, you can investigate every user’s action. Any activity, including document views, prints, and downloads, is tracked. This feature makes the system absolutely transparent.

Pros of iDeals board portal

  • The software enables role-based access permissions for different documents and folders. 
  • The platform can be used on all devices and operating systems, including Windows, Apple, and Android.
  • You can turn to customer support 24/7 via phone or email.
  • There is some training available for new users who don’t have basic technical skills. 
  • The interface navigation is very intuitive. 
  • Compared to other providers, the price for the iDeals board portal is quite moderate.

Cons of iDeals board portal

  • Sometimes, users face system glitches.
  • There is no free version available.