Nasdaq Boardvantage Overview: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

About Nasdaq Boardvantage software

Nasdaq Boardvantage is an easily accessible virtual platform for streamlining workflows. Namely, this board portal reduces preparation time and helps users interact more effectively. As a result, strategic decision-making becomes more informed.

What’s more, Boardvantage can boasts Fortune 100 companies on its client list. For the most part, they are still choosing Nasdaq boardvantage for the exceptional customer service that guarantees professional support and comprehensive data protection mechanisms. These and other benefits greatly simplify corporate governance processes for executive leadership teams and give satisfactory experience to board members.

What is Nasdaq Boardvantage best for?

Boardvantage from Nasdaq is a class solution that is a support for nonprofits, governmental organizations, and the private sector. Here are examples of how board portal software is suitable for some roles.

Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretaries 

The latter’s tasks include scheduling meetings, creating a board book and taking minutes, interacting with directors to keep them informed, and many others. So, switching between different programs and instant messengers complicates the entire workflow. The advantage of the Nasdaq Boardvantage platform for legal advisers and corporate secretaries is the document management features for coordinating all work processes, convenient communication, and managing the privacy of their boards.

Executive leadership teams

For directors, it is crucial to be constantly informed and well-prepared for meetings. Since Nasdaq Boardvantage is a centralized place to store information and communicate, boards have everything they need at their fingertips. Consequently, they use secure data for preparation from anywhere and keep in touch with other directors, secretaries, external stakeholders for improving collaboration.

Information security groups

Since high-level security is one of the Boardvantage greatest strengths, IT teams rely on its protection mechanisms support. In addition, the convenience is that the Nasdaq board portal protection measures do not interfere with the ease of use, whether it be data exchange or communication.

The main features of the Boardvantage product

Board Vantage is a straightforward repository, and furthermore, has all the features for streamlining corporate governance processes, meeting management, and board member interactions.

The Nasdaq Boardvantage Dashboard is a collaboration platform for quick access to recently updated data, meeting information, and calendars. It is fully customizable. So, through the dashboard, you and other members can save data to the device being anywhere and without Wi-Fi. It is worth noting that security mechanisms for resources protection work according to administrator permissions. 

The optimized Boardvantage Calendar, in turn, is a way of meeting management that helps you track meetings, agendas, and meeting minutes. Moreover, calendars store information about tasks, performers, and deadlines.

The next group of functions relates to the meetings workflow support. There is no need to invest time in long-term training to effectively conduct a meeting with Nasdaq Boardvantage, although the provider offers committees learning tools for this.

However, clients should consider three main aspects to make their meeting a success: agenda optimization, responsible approach to meeting minutes, and portal optimization. The benefit is that Boardvantage takes care of all of the above points through support tools without user effort.

  • Meeting manager. Boardvantage board software includes tools to build an agenda quickly and efficiently, providing templates, the ability to invite participants, attach relevant materials, and more.
  • Meeting minutes. The pre-filled text options save a lot of time when creating meeting minutes on the Nasdaq board portal. In addition, immediately after completing the document, you can distribute them to all relevant persons.
  • Permissions. To protect meeting materials from unauthorized access, Nasdaq Boardvantage has access controls. Therefore, administrators fine-tune permissions for each group or person so that everyone sees and uses what they need only.
  • Board books. The ability to make changes at any time is an advantage of creating board books on the platform. And what’s more, everyone else will know about these changes instantly.
  • Document management. Nasdaq offers a remote purge, meaning that an administrator can delete information remotely.

Among the Nasdaq Boardvantage tools for decision-making processes are approval and voting. For example, it is possible to approve board resolutions, written consents, and minutes of meetings in a few clicks. And voting also allows directors to take into account the opinion of each on various issues.

Nasdaq Boardvantage allows committees to connect their Teams and Zoom accounts for virtual meetings. Thus, the meeting takes place in one application. And to invite participants, the host sends them links, making access to the conference quick and easy.

So, as for the functionality, Boardvantage has the necessary tools for corporate governance, task management, and document management, which positively affect the overall experience of each team.

Boardvantage Nasdaq security

Board management software includes multi-factor authentication (applying biometric technologies) and data encryption to support protection. Nasdaq Boardvantage undergoes independent audits to confirm compliance with security standards, including SOC 2 Type II. Also, the system that manages Boardvantage’s physical location, information assets, and operations is ISO 27001 certified.

Using the Nasdaq Boardvantage user-friendly mobile app is always a positive experience for boards as there are mechanisms to mitigate the risks posed by the loss or theft of devices. What’s more, encryption extends to data kept on mobile phones and its secure transmitting as well.

Start of Boardvantage’s usage

You can request a free demo from the official Nasdaq Boardvantage website. This way, you will see how the software works and generally learn more about it.

To find out about the free trial period, contact the provider. If the company delivers this service to new members, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of Boardvantage for you before purchasing.

As for Nasdaq Boardvantage pricing details, this is also not publicly available. In addition, the provider offers committees training resources and a 24/7 support team available worldwide.

Boardvantage’s main benefits

The ultimate goal of Board Vantage developers was to help teams work at peak performance from any place in the world. Collaboration tools allow users to add comments to documents, create private or shared notes, and track file versions. 

Since you can keep all the documents in one place, managing them becomes hassle-free. A consolidated view of files and projects saves time and makes a huge improvement to productivity. It is worth noting that you can configure retention settings so they align with your corporate policies. Besides, you can easily find needed information in your storage thanks to a search function.

The Boardvantage can boast of its added security features that protect your encrypted information. Multiple layers of defense ensure complete data confidentiality.

One of the greatest benefits of Nasdaq Boardvantage is the ability to create questionnaires. As you can quickly build and distribute them, it greatly facilitates board communication.

Pros of Nasdaq Boardvantage

  • The software is very user-friendly, you can effortlessly structure folders, send emails, change permissions by document, and more.
  • Customer support is ready to help 24/7. The team delivering fantastic customer support answers users’ questions almost instantly.
  • You can edit files in the software, saving you time because there is no need to move and reload documents.
  • The editing function is available for documents in their original format. 
  • The reports function notifies you about the most important actions taken by users. For example, it lets you know who has reviewed the material.

Cons of Nasdaq Boardvantage

  • Copying folders to another place is somehow tricky since access permissions don’t transfer over. 
  • The Nasdaq Boardvantage pricing is not affordable for companies with a tight budget. 
  • Some training is recommended for board members.