OnBoard Software Overview: Features, Pros and Cons

About OnBoard

OnBoard is an intelligent tech solution for managing boards. The platform enables C-level executives, board directors, IT professionals, and other board-related employees to streamline complex processes and improve governance within their organizations.

OnBoard board portal offers versatile and equipped solutions for board meeting management across many industries. OnBoard computer extensions and internationally available support create a space for effectively navigating board procedures and making informed, long-term decisions. 

What is OnBoard best for?

OnBoard software assists board directors in associations, non-profits, venture capital firms, government, secondary education facilities, healthcare organizations, and banks. Based on the recent words from past users, the software offers the most value in the philanthropy, wellness, and aviation segments.

The board of directors portal by OnBoard is a beneficial solution for optimizing meeting preparations, addressing risks and compliance requirements, communicating with stakeholders and committees, and facilitating the onboarding process for new employees.

The main features of OnBoard software

As an advanced board portal, OnBoard software helps administrators achieve faster meeting preparation, communicate with leadership teams, and focus on critical tasks. Some examples of OnBoard’s technology for administrators include minutes management, survey management, document templates, file sharing, and customizable branding.

According to the OnBoard’s website and customers’ feedback, the key functionality of the portal is collected under the following categories:


OnBoard secures customers’ data, future plans, and company outlooks via several advanced approaches. The software is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, granting all the necessary data protection certifications and compliances for most industries. 

OnBoard’s key security features are:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Granular permissions
  • RSA 4096-bit encryption
  • Bio-metric access for iOS devices.


OnBoard enables customers to communicate and contribute easily and effectively through a set of built-in tools and third-party integrations such as Zoom. Teams can choose talking in groups and privately via a secure messenger. 

Other OnBoard collaboration features include:

  • Document notes and annotations
  • Evaluation surveys
  • Presenter mode
  • Auto-save.

Document management

OnBoard helps boards deal with large document volumes both in and outside the meeting. Regardless of the type of organization and their approach to board management, the software allows every team to access all the necessary files in a single source and perform their company duties faster. 

The portal’s customer base can benefit from the features like:

  • Electronic sign
  • Cross-platform word search
  • Versatile file type support
  • Bulk uploading.

Meeting preparation tools

Any company will largely benefit from streamlined board meeting preparation. By employing various tools, administrators can save money, pass on messages using fewer words, and allow directors to hit the ground running on crucial matters. 

The next OnBoard features help during board meeting preparation:

  • Drag-and-drop book builder
  • RSVP and attendance analytics
  • Agenda management reminders
  • Bulk user creation.

Task tracking

OnBoard helps the board and any other team within the organization join forces on various tasks, such as due diligence, new clients’ onboarding process, and regular day-to-day activities. The most noteworthy OnBoard task tracking features are:

  • Engagement analytics
  • Centralized access to multiple boards
  • Roles management 
  • Voting and approvals.

Remote access

According to customer analysis, mobile access is a must-have for all types of software. The portal provides a comprehensive approach to making data secure and accessible via OnBoard computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

The platform’s remote access features include:

  • Web-based remote access
  • Applications for Android and iOS devices
  • Desktop extensions for Windows and Linux.

Start of OnBoard’s usage

Every new customer is eligible for a free trial of the OnBoard board portal. The complimentary period is a great solution for testing the software features hands-on, figuring out the best approach to digitized board management, and word specific requests and questions to the portal’s team.

Once the customer decides to continue working with the portal, there is a choice for annual, monthly, and per-user cost calculation. This makes OnBoard a comfortable solution for most companies, regardless of their budget.

Pros of OnBoard

  • Easy-to-navigate software that requires minimum training 
  • Granular permissions for business documents.
  • Flexible configuration settings
  • Offline access options
  • Several time-saving features such as agenda and minutes builder.

Cons of OnBoard

  • Zoom integration lacks functionality
  • Every time a new file is uploaded, users cannot view it until the book updates
  • No built-in expense management 
  • Email attachments can’t be uploaded to the platform without saving the document.