[fwp-hero-titlewithserif tag=”h3″ class=”minimal” show_line=”0″ alignment=”center” color=”#ffffff” serif_color=”#ffffff” small_color=”” animated=”false” animation=”enter top move 10px over 1s after 0.2s” extra_class=””]THE PROCESS[/fwp-hero-titlewithserif][fwp-hero-subtitle tag=”h4″ class=”minimal” align=”center” text=”HOW WE WORK” color=”#ffffff” small_color=”#ffffff” animated=”false” animation=”enter top move 10px over 1s after 0.2s”][fwp_hero_tabs][fwp_hero_tab title=”CONSULT” is_active=”1″ icon_class=”icon-map”]Chances are if you’re reading this, you do not know how to run a full scale social media advertising campaign… and why would you? Don’t worry about it, we will help you every step of the way. Instead of leaving you in the dark, we will work with you to be sure our goals are in alignment.[/fwp_hero_tab][fwp_hero_tab title=”CREATE” is_active=”” icon_class=”icon-chemistry”]After our initial consult, we will begin working on various creatives for your product. We then send these back to you for final approval.[/fwp_hero_tab][fwp_hero_tab title=”TEST” is_active=”” icon_class=”icon-graph”]Launching the first campaign is always the most interesting. Using the variety of ad copies we created in step two, we will be able to gather some data behind what messages work best for your brand.[/fwp_hero_tab][fwp_hero_tab title=”ADJUST” is_active=”” icon_class=”icon-shuffle”]Although we do our best, sometimes our creatives don’t live up to our standards and we need to adjust them. Trend Pie generated ads have an average engagement rate of 8.22% on Twitter. To give you some perspective, Twitter’s sponsored tweets have an engagement rate of only .027%.[/fwp_hero_tab][fwp_hero_tab title=”REPEAT” is_active=”” icon_class=”icon-reload”]Once we get our process down, we can begin to deliver some amazing results (sometimes this is on the first try)! Then, we can begin to get into a schedule you are comfortable with![/fwp_hero_tab][/fwp_hero_tabs]