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Board (iDeals)

When it comes to security during your board meetings, few providers can promise military-grade security, however, iDeals is one of them. Also, aside from being a virtual data room provider, they supply their users with solutions that update in real-time. Their user-friendly design and praise from Fortune 500 companies make their solution an outstanding example of a great board software

Boardeffect logo

If you are a nonprofit organization or a higher education institution, you should not overlook this provider. Although this company specializes in those areas, it can also provide you with the usual online board portal benefits — and it does so with an easy-to-use interface

boardvantage boardsoftware

This board software is a fit for almost every organization. They cater to the needs of a wide public, making virtual boardroom meetings accessible for every industry. Their help desk has provided exceptional help to many of their clients. And the clients can also easily collaborate on uploaded documents

Diligent Boards

On this provider’s website, we see that they provide a simple, paperless meeting software solution. Their easy-to-access interface not only allows you to attend your board meetings, but also rates meeting performance and recognizes market trends. Remote meetings are not a problem for this software provider

Boardable board software

One of the main distinguishing features of Boardable is that they cater to purpose-driven companies and non-profit organizations. They want to make board meetings engaging and simple wherever you are. It is a board of directors software solution that helps with in-person, hybrid, and fully remote board management. There are also loads of training videos on YouTube if you need help

directors desk board portal

This board of directors portal focuses more on simplification. The users of the Directors Desk experience streamlining of board books, secure document storage, and the ability to edit documents from within the solution. You are also able to create audits and a series of annotations


BoardBookit created this boardroom software solution to help a variety of companies. Its customers range from the private to the public sectors and it’s no surprise that their expectations for a premium experience are fully met. Through a user-oriented approach and an unlimited user model, they provide a service that satisfies even the most demanding users

OnBoard logo

 Onboard is one of the first intelligent board management software solutions. They have reconfigured and simplified processes that were more complicated in an earlier version. The company’s vision of using the software is always the most important element, so if the provider can streamline some of the processes, they will do just that. OnBoard is a great proposition for everyone on the board, from CTOs to Presidents


This is an easy-to-use and competitively-priced board meeting software. If you ever experience problems using their solution, the 24/7 support team will gladly give you a helping hand. Governance over the board meetings is easier with this solution and it facilitates making decisions